SameBoat brings you a new approach to team work.
Benefit from the synergy of a team pulling together.


Business is very similar to the team sport of Rowing. Come and find out if your business pulls together in our unique and ground breaking team experience. It will stimulate you both physically and mentally like no other programme. Its unconventional methods will challenge all preconceptions, sweeping away mental barriers and inspiring you to transform your entire approach to business.


You will spend the morning with one of the UK's leading business coaches. The challenges your business is facing will be analysed in a totally unique way, one which you will never forget. Rowing is the ultimate team sport and is a perfect physical representation of the synergy produced by working together, having the same common goal and good communication. With this in mind, after lunch and a quick change into your track suit, we will first enter the gym for some rowing basics then take to the water to put the morning's revelations into practice.

On-going coaching support will be available to ensure what you have learned about yourselves as a team is used to create new and better ways of working together.

This is much more than just another business seminar or 'learn to row' course.

If you have the determination and are ready to accept the challenge, it is the programme to ensure the continued growth of your business in a constantly changing market place.

Get your staff in the SameBoat, contact SameBoat today.

We are based at the Salford Watersports Centre.
You can call us on 07802330001.